The Presales Project Series

The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford, had generated a lot of discussion in my circles and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.  For anyone who has spent time in IT, it was like reading an autobiography! For those of us in Presales, it is valuable in two ways. First, it gives us a great view of the environment we are selling into – all of our customers are on the journey described – and second, it challenges us to examine how we work. The principles of working effectively apply not only to IT Operations, but to our work in Technical Sales as well.

There are a few concepts in The Phoenix Project that I would like explore as applied to Technical Sales:

Going Deeper …

I enjoyed the source material from which the authors developed their concepts and ideas. This material included The GoalToyota Kata, and Personal Kanban, and I highly encourage you to read at least Toyota Kata and Personal Kanban.

I’d love to hear feedback from those of you that live in the world of Technical Sales.

Enjoy the posts!

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